everday steam closet expanded and folded
everday steam closet in living room with plant
folded steam closet by table
everday steam closet closeup with shirt
everday steam closet by wall
everday steam closet by entrace with clothing rack and bench

Everday Steam Closet

The Everday Steam Closet is a multifunctional device that can steam, dry, and air out your clothing. A revolutionary way to care for your clothes.

$299.00 $250.00

Color: Light Tan

Light Tan
Dark Gray
  • Remove Wrinkles & Odors
  • Steam Refresh
  • Kills 99% of Bacteria & Viruses
  • Preserve Your Clothes

Capacity: Fits up to 6x Shirts / 4x Pants / 3x Jackets per cycle

Steam Cycles: 30/60/100 minutes

Dry Cycles: 90/120/180/240/360 minutes

Fan Cycles:120/240/360 minutes


Expanded Dimensions: 21.2 in Length x 14.2 in Width x 53.0 in Height

Collapsed Dimensions: 21.2 in Length x 14.2 in Width x 8.0 in Height

Weight: 11.7 lbs

1-Year Warranty
30 Days Trial
Fast Shipping
The Everday Steam Closet Features
Quick Refresh
Remove odor & wrinkles in 30 minutes
Gentle Drying
Dry your clothes without the need for a tumble dryer
Personalized Scent
Add your favorite scent to your clothes
Kill 99% of commonly found bacteria & viruses in 60 minutes
Air Dry
For clothes that need a little breeze or fabric that can’t be heated
Extra Closet Space
Extension to your closet, no more piling on *the* chair

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